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Lilco AC, Island Pool

Fourteen anglers from Lilco AC turned out for this Saturday match on the Island pool. Conditions on the day were ideal with an overcast start making way for sunny spells in the afternoon which switched the resident carp into feeding mode.

Winner on the day was Simon Rogers. Starting his match fishing casters up in the water, Simon found carp and F1s willing to feed in numbers. Later, switching to his margins, Simon again offered caster on the hook to find better quality fish down his edge to offer 83-07-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

Kelvin Emlyn finished in second place with 46-02-00. Starting his match fishing maggot up in the water at 13m, Kelvin then turned his attention to his margins about midway through the match, again with maggot, to find odd carp and boost his overall weight.

Third place on the day was Martin Price. Martin opted to fish meat short for the duration of the match to end proceedings with 37-11-00.

1st Simon Rogers, 83-07-00, Caster shallow / Casters in the margins

2nd Kelvin Emlyn, 46-02-00, Maggot shallow / Maggot in the margins

3rd Martin Pryce, 37-11-00, Meat short


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