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Wordesley Lions, Woodside Pool

Twelve anglers from Wordesley Lions attended this Sunday match on the Woodside pool.

Finishing in first place was Kevin Rhodes. Fishing pole and pellet short and corn in the margins late on, Kevin ended the day with a winning 63-07-00 to win by a comfortable margin.

Second place on the day was Jack Wakefield with 42-04-00. Again, pole and pellet doing the damage for Jack to see off the challenge from Carl Rowlands.

Carl ended proceedings with 40-12-00 of carp and F1s taken mainly down his edge late on.

1st Kevin Rhodes, 63-07-00, Pole & pellet / corn in the margins

2nd Jack Wakefield, 42-04-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Carl Rowlands, 40-12-00


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