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Matrix AC, Woodside Pool

Eleven anglers attended this Saturday club match on Woodside pool. With the settled warm weather at the moment, the resident carp were in spawning mode resulting in weights being lower than expected.

Topping the field was Steve Atkins with 60-08-00 of mainly carp. Concentrating on his margins, Steve caught on both maggot and meat to confirm a comfortable victory.

Neal Poole secured runner-up spot with 27-10-00. Feeding maggot and caster short at just top two, Neal found small carp and silver fish.

Third place on the day was Keith Powell with 21-12-00.

1st Steve Atkins, 60-08-00, Maggot & meat in the margins

2nd Neal Poole, 27-10-00, Maggot & caster short

3rd Keith Powell, 21-12-00


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