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Hayes AC, Woodside Pool

Eleven anglers from Hayes AC lined the banks of Woodside pool for this Sunday club match. Conditions on the day were pleasant with temperatures remaining in the mid twenties.

Topping the field was T. Jukes, who drew peg 10 on the point of island. Starting his match on the pellet waggler, he later switched to his margins with dead maggot to end the match with 57-06-00.

T. Martin finished in second place with 41-13-00. Corn fished short at top 6 and down in his margins. late on did the damage.

Third place was taken by S. Pincher. Offering maggot and corn down his inside he offered 38-14-00 to the scales.

1st T. Jukes, 57-06-00, Pellet waggler / Pole & pellet short

2nd T. Martin, 41-13-00, Pole & corn short / corn in the margins

3rd S. Pincher, 38-14-00, Maggot & corn in the margins

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