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Chuckery AC, Woodside Pool

Despite a change in conditions, Woodside pool continues the produce decent weights with the latest contest for Chuckery AC being no exception.

Winner on the day was Steve Dougmore with 63-01-00. Steve caught long on pole and pellet the, later, had a look down his inside to find a few marauding carp.

Finishing close behind in second place was Paul Mason. Paul fished a similar match to Steve finding fish to pole and pellet before switching to his margins during the final throws of the match to end the day with 62-10-00.

Alan Evans rounded off the top three weighing in 37-04-00.

1st Steve Dougmore, 63-01-00, Pole & pellet / margins

2nd Paul Mason, 62-10-00, Pole & pellet / Margins

3rd Alan Evans, 37-04-00


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