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Private Syndicate, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers attended this private match booking on Woodside pool.

Winner on the day was Chris Carey, who drew peg 8. Starting his match fishing banded pellet on the pole, Chris found roach and skimmers in numbers before switching to his edge late on with dead red maggots to find a few late bonus fish. to weigh in 41-08-00.

Chris Standing finished in second place from peg 13. Chris started his match fishing casters short, which accounted for around 15lb of silvers before looking down his edge for the final ninety (90) minutes with dead maggot to weigh in 33-04-00.

Rounding off the top three on the day was Jason Attwell from peg 11. Fishing corn short and down his edge, Jason found a mixture of roach and skimmers with odd carp to offer 32-04-00 to the scales.

1st Chris Carey, Peg 8, 41-08-00, Pole & pellet / maggot in the margins

2nd Chris Standing, Peg 13, 33-04-00, Casters short / maggot in the margins

3rd Jason Attwell, Peg 11, 32-04-00, Pole & corn short & in the margins


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