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CARRS AC, Woodside Pool

Nine (9) anglers from CARRS AC attended this Saturday club match held on Woodside pool. Conditions were extremely hot with very little ripple. That said, with it being an afternoon match, weights were good.

Winner on the day was Mark Hone, who drew peg 3 close to the island. Fishing dead red maggot down his edge, Mark was into fish more or less from the off and managed to keep fish coming to the net for the majority of the match to offer 110-04-00 to the scales.

Second place went to Ray Ravenhall, who drew opposite peg 15 over on the dam wall. Ray went for an all out caster attack catching fish short, up in the water and then, later, down his edge on the feeder. Ray finished the day with 102-15-00.

Rounding off the top three finish on the day was Jeff Rush, who drew peg 8 round the back of the island. Jeff caught most of his fish from down his edge on hard pellet to weigh in 76-15-00.

1st M. Hone, Peg 3, 110-04-00, Dead red maggot in the margins

2nd R. Ravenhall, Peg 15, 102-15-00, Caster short, shallow & feeder in the margins

3rd J. Rush, Peg 8, 76-15-00, Pole & pellet in the margins


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