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Match Angler of the Year 2023

Updated: Jan 1

We are excited to introduce a brand new event of ours - the WOODSIDE MATCH ANGLER OF THE YEAR - which will be taking place March 2024.

The event is QUALIFICATION ONLY and open to anglers that have fished a minimum of two (2) matches here over the course of the 2023 season. The two (2) match criteria can be taken from club matches, special events or open matches. To qualify, anglers must meet the following criteria:

1. Win both of their respective club matches, or at least two (2) opens / special events.


2. Win at least one (1) club match, special event or open and have a cumulative weight over two (2) matches of 100lbs or more.

Whether you qualify via criteria 1 or 2, you will automatically be entered into a winner take all final on Saturday 30th March 2024. We have gone back through all match results from this year and have identified the following anglers that have met at least one of the above criteria.

AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS (in no particular order):

Darren Davis (Tight Lines AC) 2 x match wins

Mark Hone (CARRS AC) 1 x match win & 174-08-00

Adam Lees (Metal Closures AC) 2 x match wins

Martin Davies (Metal Closures AC)

1 x match win & 141-10-00

Paul Symonds (Waters Edge AC) 2 x match wins

Rob Sandall (TREC AC) 2 x match wins

Dan Hart 2 x match wins

Dave Bowyer 1 x match win & 151-10-00

Derek James (Rhea Hall AC)

2 x match wins

Ken Hayes

1 x match win & 123-01-00

Lee McKnight (Brandhall Conservatives)

1 x match win & 120-11-00

Chris Hall (TREC AC)

2 x match wins

Mick Jones

1 x match win & 110-10-00

Martin Dunn (Halesowen CC)

1 x match win & 179-07-00

Tony Bishop (Halesowen CC)

1 x match win & 122-03-00

Max Galaszewski

2 x match wins

Jeff Rush (CARRS AC)

2 x match wins

Those of you that have qualified will be contacted individually in due course, so expect a phone call or private message some time soon.


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