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Matson Anglers, Island Pool

A small turnout saw just six (6) anglers attend what has become Matson Angler's annual silver fish match here at Woodside Fishery. Conditions on the day were pleasant with plenty of autumnal sunshine, which encouraged the resident carp to hang just below the surface and, for the most part, ignore anglers baits showing more interest in the leaves and debris on the surface.

First place on the day was Nick Atkins, who drew peg 10. Opting to fish worm and maggot short, Nick had a busy days catching roach, skimmers and decent perch to weigh in a match-winning 13-13-00.

Second place was taken by Mark Holland, who drew corner peg 8. Mark caught most of his fish on caster short with a good number of quality roach plus the odd skimmer. Mark had planned on fishing long for bream, but unfortunately, the leaves on the surface gave him a lot of problems resulting in him being unable to capitalise on what promised to be a good skimmer line. Mark ended the match with 11-05-00.

Third place on the day was Neil Martin from peg 11. Fishing dead maggot short, Neil managed a respectable 6-12-00 of mainly small roach.

1st N. Atkins, Peg 10, 13-13-00, Worm & maggot short

2nd M. Holland, Peg 8, 11-05-00, Caster short & worm long

3rd N. Martin, Peg 11, 06-12-00, Dead maggot short


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