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Metal Closures AC, Island Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from Metal Closures attended this Sunday club match on the Island pool. Conditions on the day started off wet but, as the afternoon progressed, things improved before heavy rain followed again late on.

Topping the field on the day from peg 26 was Martin Davis. Martin caught quality carp in numbers short on banded 8mm pellet to weigh in 88-15-00.

Second place was taken by Vaughn Graham. Vaughn opted to fish worm midway across to the island from peg 14 to find carp as well as quality silver fish to weigh in 62-05-00.

Completing the top three finish was Fred Westwood from peg 9. Fishing banded red pellet on the pole down his edge, Fred found all carp to weigh in 61-08-00.

1st M. Davis, Peg 26, 88-15-00, Pole & pellet short

2nd V. Graham, Peg 14, 62-05-00, Pole & worm down the track

3rd F. Westwood, Peg 9, 61-08-00, Pellet down his edge


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