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Metal Closures AC, Woodside Pool

Ten (10) anglers from Metal Closures lined the banks of Woodside pool for this latest club fixture on Woodside pool. Conditions, again, were extremely hot with temperatures reaching nearly 30 degrees.

Winner on the day was Kim Hunter from corner peg close to the pads. Fishing corn and pellet down his edge, Kim found mainly carp to weigh in 50-04-00 at the end of the five hours.

Second place was secured by Vaughn Graham, who drew peg 18 on the dam wall. Catching most of his fish down his edge on corn, Vaughn weighed in 40-14-00.

Rounding off a close top three finish was Karl Hunter, who drew peg 1. Starting his match on the pellet waggler, Karl was able to find a few cruising fish before switching to his margins late on to finish with 40-06-00.

1st K. Hunter, Peg 7, 50-04-00, Corn & pellet in the margins

2nd V. Graham, Peg 18, 40-14-00, Pole & corn in the margins

3rd K. Hunter, Peg 1, 40-06-00, Pellet waggler / Pellet in the margins


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