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Model AC, Island Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from Model AC attended this Sunday club match on the Island pool. Conditions on the day were awful with regular heavy downpours doing their best to hamper anglers efforts.

Winner on the day was Darren Male from peg 19. Opting to fish worm down his edge for the majority of the match, Darren found small to medium-sized carp throughout the day to offer 46-12-00 to the scales.

Second place was taken by Gavin Powell on peg 14. Fishing dead reds and pellet both short and down his edge late on, Gavin found mostly carp to weigh in 39-04-00.

Third place on the day went to Mick Carlow, who drew peg 18. Opting to present dead reds and worm both over to the island and down his left hand edge, Mick found mostly carp with a few silvers to offer 36-08-00 to the scales.

1st D. Male, Peg 19, 46-12-00, Worm in the margins

2nd G. Powell, Peg 14, 39-04-00, Pole & pellet short / Dead red maggot in the margins

3rd M. Carlow, Peg 18, 36-08-00, Pole & worm short / Dead red maggot in the margins


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