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Model AC, Island Pool

Thirteen (13) anglers from Model AC attended this Sunday club match on the Island pool.

Winner on the day was Mick Carlow, who drew peg 15 opposite the island on the far bank. Catching most of his fish down the edge on dead red maggot, Mick weighed in 29-12-00 to sneak a narrow victory.

Dave Dearn finished close behind in second place from peg 18. Starting his match offering dead maggot over towards the island, Dave was able to find odd carp before switching to his edge late on, again with dead maggot, to find a couple of late fish. Dave ended the day with 29-04-00.

Rounding off a tight top three on the day was Darren Male on peg 16. Fishing worm down his edge accounted for most of his fish with Darren offering 27-02-00 to the scales.

1st M. Carlow, Peg 15, 29-12-00, Dead maggot in the margins

2nd D. Dearn, Peg 18, 29-04-00, Dead maggot to the island / in the margins

3rd D. Male, Peg 16, 27-02-00, Worm in the margins


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