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Open Match, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers attended this first open match of 2023 held on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day felt very cold with a really cold breeze.

Winner on the day was Dan Hart. Dan has proven himself to be a difficult man to beat at Woodside and this latest open match was no exception. Dan started on the long pole from peg 3 only to find a handful of skimmers early on before a change was needed. Chucking a pellet waggler to the island, Dan miraculously found small carp in numbers willing to feed shallow so took full advantage putting a nice run of fish together. Later on, Dan had a look down his left and right hand edges with paste to find some bigger fish to around 6lbs to offer a respectable 59-07-00 to the scales.

Runner-up was Stan Taylor from peg 16 on the dam wall. Stan struggled to find the fish for most of the match but managed to get among some bigger fish with red maggot down his edge to weigh in 37-01-00.

Third place went to Allan Cox, who drew peg 12. Opting to fish maggot short, Allan found carp and silverfish to weigh in 26-15-00 to see off the challenge from Dave Male from neighbouring peg 11, who ended the day with 21-11-00.

1st D. Hart, Peg 3, 59-07-00, Pellet waggler & paste in the margins

2nd S. Taylor, Peg 16, 37-01-00, Maggot in the margins

3rd A. Cox, Peg 12, 26-15-00, Maggot short


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