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Parkes Hall AC, Woodside Pool

Nine (9) anglers from Parkes Hall attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Fish had been spawning heavily in the days leading up to the match but had finished two (2) days prior to anglers arriving. It was, therefore, a bit of an unknown as to how the fishing would be on the day but, despite the conditions on the day, the quality of sport on offer wasn't too bad at all.

Winner on the day was Craig Jeavons. Craig drew in form peg 11 and wasted no time in getting among the quality fish with carp averaging around 4-5lbs from the off down his edge with maggot. Craig caught steadily throughout the day to confirm a pretty emphatic match win with 113-01-00 across his four (4) keepnets.

Finishing in second place was Jamie Trevis from peg 7. Jamie enjoyed some fantastic sport down his edges with dead and live maggot but simply couldn't tame the extremely bullish carp trashing a total of fifteen (15) in the process! Jamie admitted to losing around 100lb of fish before the scales made their way round to confirm 45-11-00.

Finishing close behind in third place was Stephen Worton. Fishing from peg 9, Stephen started his match fishing worm head up in the water before switching to his edges fairly early on with maggot to weigh in 42-03-00.

1st C. Jeavons, Peg 11, 113-01-00, Maggot down his edge

2nd J. Trevis, Peg 7, 45-11-00, Worm shallow / Maggot down his edge

3rd S. Worton, Peg 9, 42-03-00, Maggot down his edge


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