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Sealine AC, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from Sealine AC attended this Saturday club match on Woodside pool. Conditions were, once again, very hot with very little wind or ripple with many fish simply cruising and showing very little interest in anglers baits.

Winner on the day was Don Parkinson from peg 7. Fishing paste and soft 8mm pellet down his edge, Don found mainly carp with a few silvers to weigh in 41-12-00 and sneak a narrow victory.

Finishing close behind in second place was Stan Taylor from peg 3. After a fruitless hour or so on the pellet waggler across to the island, Stan looked down his edge with soft pellet to weigh in 38-14-00.

Rounding off a tight top three finish on the day was Rob Coxon who drew peg 8. Fishing 6mm expander down his edge, Rob found small carp, roach, rudd and skimmer bream to offer 37-12-00 to the scales.

1st D. Parkinson, Peg 7, 41-12-00, Paste & 8mm soft pellet down his edge

2nd S. Taylor, Peg 3, 38-14-00, Soft pellet down his edge

3rd R. Coxon, Peg 8, 37-12-00, 6mm expander down his edge


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