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TREK AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Twenty (20) anglers attended this Saturday club match held across both Woodside and Island pools. Conditions on the day were a lot cooler than the previous couple of days with a cold wind and showers marking a big change in the weather. Yet, despite the change in the weather, the carp on Island pool were spawning upon anglers arriving. As such, pegs 1 and 17 (either side of the weed) were not in and the angler on peg 2 was only permitted to fish so far along his left hand edge.

As a result of the carp spawning, weights were not great, but it was still a close match in the end with very little separating the top two placed anglers on the day.


Winner on the day was Roger Tomes, who drew peg 4 close to the island. Roger managed a few fish during the first half of the match to paste and worm hookbaits fished over to the far edge before his swim came to life for the final half of the match. Fishing with dead red maggot down his inside edge Roger found small carp in numbers to end the day with 51-08-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Mick Carlow on peg 6 close to the pads. Again, Mick found the majority of his fish late on down his edge on dead red maggot to weigh in 48-07-00.

Terry Finn secured third place from peg 10 with 48-00-00. Opting to concentrate on his right hand edge over to peg 11, Terry struggled to get among the carp initially fishing just off the stick ups before coming tight inside in front of the pallet to pick up some quality fish.

1st R. Tomes, Peg 4, 51-08-00, Dead red maggot in the margins

2nd M. Carlow, Peg 6, 48-07-00, Dead red maggot in the margins

3rd T. Finn, Peg 10, 48-00-00, Dead red maggot in the margins

Roger Tomes with part of his winning 51-08-00 catch from Woodside pool


With the carp spawning before the all in, weights were unsurprisingly lower than expected. That said, it was still a close and fair match. Pegs 1 and 17 either side of the weed were left out on account of the fish spawning in this one area, but anglers were still permitted to fish down their edges.

Winner on the Island pool was Dave Johnson, who drew peg 2. After a quick chat before the all in, Dave was asked not to fish too far alongside his own bank towards peg 1 and, instead, opted to fish an 8mm pellet on the bomb short of the boat. Dave found mainly carp with a handful of skimmers and roach to weigh in 35-05-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Steve Dealey, who drew peg 16. Steve caught most of his fish down his right hand edge on paste to offer 34-12-00 to the scales.

Third place was awarded to Jim Lowe, who drew peg 13. Fishing pellet and dead red maggot down his edge, Jim found mainly small carp with a few silvers to weigh in 22-14-00.

1st D. Johnson, Peg 2, 35-05-00, Bomb & pellet

2nd S. Dealey, Peg 16, 34-12-00, Paste in the margins

3rd L. Lowe, Peg 13, 22-14-00, Pellet & dead maggot in the margins

Island pool winner Dave Johnson with his 35-06-00 effort


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