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Waters Edge AC, Woodside Pool

Sixteen (16) anglers from the Waters Edge lined the banks of Woodside pool for this Sunday contest. Conditions on the day started off quite overcast, which made it feel quite a bit cooler than in recent weeks. However, as the day wore on, the cloud made way for bright sunshine and a return to temperatures in the mid twenties. Anglers were permitted to fish down their edges as the fish on Woodside pool haven't spawned for over a week.

Winner on the day was Alistair Cox from peg 19. Alistair started his match fishing hard 6mm pellet long at 13m to yield a steady stream of decent-sized carp before switching to his edges with maggot and groundbait to end the match with a very tidy 78-08-00. A good weight in difficult conditions from an area not known for producing lots of fish.

Second place was taken by Paul Symonds from peg 21. Starting his match fishing pellet up in the water, Paul was able to tempt the odd cruiser before looking down his edge late on with corn produced three big bonus fish to give him a final 32-11-00.

Third place went to Roy Costello from peg 13. Offering corn short and down his edge, Roy found small carp and some quality roach and rudd to weigh in 31-06-00.

1st A. Cox, Peg 19, 78-08-00, Long pole & pellet / Maggot over groundbait down his edge

2nd P. Symonds, Peg 21, 32-11-00, Pellet shallow / Corn down his edge

3rd R. Costello, Peg 13, 31-06-00, Corn short & down his edge


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