In order to protect the well being of both fellow anglers, and the surrounding wildlife, the fishery asks that you abide by the following rules. Note, fishery rules are in place to ensure the welfare of fish stocks so that you, the angler can continue to enjoy your fishing at Woodside. They are not in place to hinder or obstruct the angler in any way. Careful consideration has been given to each one of the below rules - they are not there for the sake of it, or because we are simply following trends or fads. If you would like any further explanation or clarification on any one of the below rules, then please contact us. We will be happy to help.


If you are unsure about any of the above, or have any questions regarding the use of baits that aren't listed, etc, then please do not hesitate to contact us.




  1. BARBLESS hooks only 

  2. No fish to be handled in rags or towels 

  3. New from October 2018 No EVA stink / net bags

  4. Please take your litter home with you. Bins are NOT provided 

  5. Do not throw unused bait on to the banks 

  6. No keepnets (except in matches) 

  7. Maximum 50lb of fish in one net 

  8. Minimum of two keepnets per angler in matches - anglers must split silverfish from carp

  9. Fishery landing nets and keep nets to be used only

  10. No fish to be swung in by hand 

  11. Groundbait allowed through open-ended / method feeders or pole pots on. Groundbait is NOT to be introduced by hand 

  12. New from October 2018 Fishery feed pellets only. STRICTLY no trout / halibut pellets 

  13. New from October 2018 No meat (inc cat and / or dog meat), bread, bloodworm, joker, trout pellets, boilies, macaroni cheese, hemp or nuts 

  14. PERCH ANGLERS - No spinning or jigging. No treble hooks. No live baiting. No dead baiting. Drop shotting is permitted with either natural or artificial baits 

  15. Bomb and feeder rigs must be free running. Elasticated method feeders are not allowed.  

  16. No braid 

  17. No bite alarms allowed - they are a nuisance to other anglers

  18. Do not leave tackle unattended 

  19. Fish from designated pegs only 

  20. No fish to be removed from the pools or moved from one pool to another 

  21. Do not interfere with vegetation or wildlife. If you feel there is an obstruction in your peg, please speak with a member of fishery staff

  22. Do not hold fish aloft when taking photographs

  23. No junior anglers under the age of sixteen (16) are allowed without a fishing adult 

  24. No dogs, fires or radios 

  25. Please use designated parking area 

  26. All anglers must possess a valid NRA license 

Anglers fish at their own risk. Woodside Fishery will not accept any liability for personal injury or damage to or loss of tackle.

Please note that the management reserve the right to refuse admission and to change the rules at any time. Any angler found to be in breach of the rules above will be asked to leave the premises immediately. Please show courtesy to fellow anglers.

Our Address

Woodside Fishery,

Cleobury Mortimer,

Nr. Kidderminster 

Worcs.  DY14 0BU

Contact Us

T: 01299 271305

M: 07967 750580 (fishing)

M: 07968 111415 (accommodation)


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