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Here at Woodside, we pride ourselves on making everyone feel welcome and having a fantastic stay. Whether you've been on holiday in one of our cottages, or if your an angler who has broken a PB or had an exceptional day's fishing, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

If you've stayed with us before, then please take the time to give us some feedback and let us know what we got right and, perhaps, what we didn't.


Mark Beales

Our 4 days fishing was probably the best we have ever had. Coupled with the warm welcome we always receive from Liz & Pete and it made for an excellent few days away.


Carol Wells

Excellent and so helpful. Would recommend to anyone. The lodges are brilliant and have everything you need. They are really spacious and very comfortable. Can't wait to come back.


Lee Rudge

Excellent is all I can say! From the friendly welcome on the bank, to the parking close by as well as the fantastic fishing, this fishery is one of the best we have been to. We caught plenty of good quality, hard fighting carp and the plentiful roach and rudd are of a nice size. All the fish we caught were also in excellent condition. The rules are well thought out and fair and won't stop you from having a great days fishing. The pools are all tidy and well looked after with no litter at all to be seen. We will definitely return here in the future.


John Mercer

Really great fishing venue. Definitely not the biggest or most commercial I've been to but all the better for it. We stayed in the on site accommodation and it was clean and functional and offered easy access to three good sized waters. Plenty of fish caught. Would definitely come back.


David James

I stop in the cabins here every year just for the peace and quiet. The cabins are very well equipped, comfortable and clean. Ideal place for a quiet break and fishing on the well kept pools. Highly recommend.


Stan Taylor

Excellent well run fishery.


Paul Bolton

We stayed here on a weekend. What a fantastic place. The fishing was amazing, the accommodation was spot on and the hosts were just as good. We will return without a doubt!


Keith Berry

Excellent place. Very well maintained and friendly people.


Ian Smeaton

Fantastic fishery. Very clean and tidy with three great pools to fish. Myself and my mates had a couple of days fishing at the venue and really enjoyed ourselves.


Leigh Harbutt

Fantastic fishery. Well run and top accommodation.


Al Zak

Absolutely stunning place. Not your average 'hole in the ground' type fishery. To top the beautiful scenery, the lakes provide non-stop action and all the fish are in great condition. The bailiff was full of great pointers for anglers who are visiting for the first time. As a first timer on this fishery I can definitely say this was not my last time. A long drive for me, but more than worth it!


Paul Charles

Great fishing. Very friendly owners and very helpful. This place is a must if you want a brilliant days fishing.


John Foster

Great place full of fish. Lovely looking fishery too.


Jean Kettley

The management team are friendly and helpful. The log cabins are like a home from home and the fishing is great. Love this place - being visiting for eight years now.


Colin Davis

Well thought out fishery with lovely surroundings. Have to work for your fish, but that makes it more interesting than your usual holes in the ground. Would highly recommend this venue and will return in the future.


Ray Ravenhall

For us it is not about catching hundreds of pounds of fish, more a matter of a nice day out at a lovely fishery such as yours and enjoying our lives. Most of us work or have worked in quite pressurised business roles in our lives and we just appreciate going fishing together and enjoying ourselves.


Matt Godfrey

We really enjoyed our day out at Woodside with Ian Giddins on Monday. What a lovely venue! The fishing was great, and the lakes are immaculate! I'd love to go back and have a fish there myself.


Darren Cox

I'd never been to this fishery before, but as soon as I drove through the gates, I knew this was a country mile away from your average commercial. It's well maintained and the scenery is stunning.

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