Charlie's pool is a water kept free all year exclusively for both pleasure anglers and cabin dwellers - it is never match fished. The pool is ideal for those anglers wanting guaranteed sport or to catch something a little more exotic. As well as carp, roach, rudd, skimmer bream and perch, Charlie's pool is also stocked with koi carp, golden orfe, grass carp, brown gold fish as well as other hybrid species. Each time the float disappears, it's a new species on the end of the line!


Charlies Pool

Charlie's Pool is the latest addition to Woodside Fishery opening in May 2011. The pool was originally excavated for the growth and development of koi carp and other ornamental fish. However, due to a change in direction, the pool has now been stocked with carp, F1's, roach, rudd, skimmer bream and perch.


Carp have already been caught to nearly 20lbs, perch to over 4lbs as well as some very good quality roach also featuring in pleasure catches.


The pool has been designed specifically with the pleasure angler in mind. The pool caters for approximately fifteen anglers and, for the most part, will not be match fished.

Theres a decent amount of water to go at

Depths vary from 2.5-10ft with the average depth being between 4-6ft. The deeper water is found towards the far end nearest the woods with the bottom dropping away very steeply. The shallower water can be found directly in-front of the cabin development.


Tried and tested methods include pole and pellet short or long to depth for good mixed bags. Fish are also caught up in the water with pellet, maggot and / or casters. During the summer months the resident koi carp can be tempted from off the surface with dog biscuit. Please note, drop shotting is also allowed for those anglers wanting to target the big perch in Charlie's pool which, as mentioned above, have been taken in ecxess of 4lbs as recently as May 2015.

Scott Reynolds with an impressive perch from Charlies pool

Although now open to the public, Charlie's pool is still very much in it's infancy with more development planned for the near future. Charlie's pool has been many years in the making and we firmly believe this will soon become one of the finest pools available to fish on the complex.


Charlie's pool is not used for matches meaning availability for pleasure anglers is good all year round. Given it's location on site, Charlie's pool is popular amongst cabin dwellers.


If you have any questions regarding Charlie's pool, then please do not hesitate to contact us.