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Note: House pool is currently closed due to maintenance


Named because of its close proximity to the owners property, House pool is a dedicated silverfish pool catering for the 'purists' out there that fancy a break from the norm. Despite its age, the water is stunningly attractive offering plenty of marginal cover and features for the angler to target. From established lily pads, reeds, rushes as well as deep drop-offs and underwater shelves, House pool offers a refreshing change where carp are outnumbered by quality roach, rudd, skimmer bream, tench and big perch. Needless to say, House pool comes into its own during the colder months with massive pleasure catches of roach commonplace.

House pool is the newest pool on site

Named because of its close proximity to the owners property, the third pool on site is the "House Pool".


The pool was completed back in January 2004 and was fishing well with pleasure weights exceeding 100lb. However, the House Pool was closed for much of the 2011 season due to an excessive amount of weed growth choking the pool. The problem was promptly corrected and the pool half full when it was discovered the weed was growing back again.


Consequently, the pool had to be drained and cleared of weed for a second time. This has, unfortunately, meant that the House Pool has not been available to anglers for a considerable length of time - until now!

Despite its infancy House Pool is attractive all year round

The House pool has now been made considerably deeper in all areas with depths averaging around 7ft. Deeper areas can be found that drop off to around 12ft.


The pool is now predominantly a silverfish water stocked mainly with roach, rudd and skimmer bream. However, there are also odd carp, tench, chub and big perch also to be had.


Conventional silverfish tactics are proven to produce big weights of roach and rudd with pleasure catches in excess of 60lbs being reported in the days shortly after it's re-opening.

Darren Cox with a pristine roach from House pool

Caster and / or maggot fished shallow on the pole will produce roach and rudd during the summer months whilst pole and pellet will score well for skimmer bream. Chopped worm and caster tactics will sort out the larger specimens during the colder months.


Roach average between 4-8oz but have been caught up to 1lb, with the skimmer bream averaging 4-6oz, but have been stocked up to 3-4lbs.


Specimen perch anglers will also want to target this water with perch to over 2lbs having already been caught on traditional worm hook baits. If it's carp or tench you specifically seek, both respond well to corn fished to depth long and in the margins growing to 5lbs and 3lbs respectively.

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