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Island pool is the largest pool on site at approximately two acres in size. The Island pool is stocked with a good head of carp averaging 2lb-4lbs with larger specimens around mid-teens and large F1s. The pool is also home to a number of other species including a big head of quality roach to nearly 2lbs, skimmers, tench and chub. However, the water is famous for producing huge perch, which are targeted by specimen anglers from all over the country.

The islands are an obvious feature

The second longest standing pool on the complex is the Island pool, named because of its two islands. The pool is home to fewer species with carp, skimmers, roach and perch being the most dominant.


This pool presents the angler with more of a challenge, but with greater rewards. There are large banks of bloodworm, as well as a host of other natural food sources, meaning fish are not solely reliant on angler's baits. You have to work for your fish on Island pool, but there is plenty to go at.


The pool is also popular among specimen perch anglers with fish to over 5lbs being recorded and countless fish in the 2-3lb bracket. In 2014, Island pool was ranked the 5th most prolific stillwater for specimen perch in the UK by the Angling Times and has provided countless anglers with a new PB.

Island pool is the largest pool on site

Depths average between 4-6ft with drop-offs reaching aprox. 9ft on the dam wall. Popular methods include pole fished corn for large weights of mixed size carp, bream and roach from close in and pole fished maggot / castor for large catches of both roach and rudd. Come the winter months and chopped worm & caster comes into its own with big hauls of roach and skimmer bream common place, plus the possibility of a monstrous perch!


The specimen perch can be targeted using chopped worm and caster tactics or prawns fished under a float or on a straight bomb. We also allow drop shotting here at Woodside. The pool fishes all year round, but can produce some exceptional fishing in the colder months due to the deeper water. The current match weight record stands at 128-10-00 caught by D. Hart on 29th May 2022.

Island pool

The Island pool is easily accessible with a large car park close by and secure wooden staging around the pool, catering for seventeen (17) anglers.


Again, this pool is popular among match fishermen with contests taking place most weekends. Island pool is also commonly used for magazine features at certain times of the year, so please call beforehand to check availability.


To see how the Island Pool has been fishing of late, please be sure to check the match results page. If you have any questions, then please contact us.

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