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Railway AC, Island Pool

A small group of just six anglers attended this Saturday club match on Island pool.

Topping the field was Andy Barnett. Fishing chopped worm and caster, Andy found a mix of small carp and silverfish to weigh in 35-03-00.

Mark Jones finished in second place with 27-12-00. Again, fishing chopped worm and caster at just 5m, Mark found small carp, quality roach and odd skimmer bream to finish ahead of Darren Barnett.

Third placed Darren alternated between bread and meat hook baits on the feeder to weigh in 24-07-00.

1st Andy Barnett, 35-03-00, Chopped worm & caster

2nd Mark Jones, 27-12-00, Chopped worm & caster short

3rd Darren Barnett, 24-07-00, Feeder

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