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Conrad Davies AC, Island Pool

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Nine (9) anglers from Conrad Davies AC attended this small practice match on the Island pool. With the club having booked one of their silver fish league matches here next weekend, anglers took the opportunity to have a small get together to get to grips with the venue and the resident roach, rudd and perch.

Conditions on the day, however, although nice for carp were not ideal for the intended quarry! With bright sun, very little wind and temperatures in the mid twenties, the carp played havoc with light hooklengths and small hooks and bullied out the silvers that would have otherwise obliged, thus making for a difficult match.

Winner on the day was Tony Price, who drew peg 3. Opting to fish maggot short on the pole, Tony was able to find roach and skimmer bream in amongst the carp to weigh in 13-03-05.

Finishing close behind in second place was Wayne Sharpe (Sensas). Wayne drew peg 8 and chose to fish maggot up in the water to find roach, bream, tench and perch to weigh in 11-05-00.

Third place was taken by Matt Woodford on peg 5. Again, like most, Matt fished maggot shallow to offer 09-03-05 to the scales.

Despite weights being low on the day, many anglers commented that had it have been a 'normal' match on the day, weights would have been very different with carp willing to have a go all over the lake.

1st Tony Price, Peg 3, 13-03-05, Pole & maggot

2nd Wayne Sharpe (Sensas), Peg 8, 11-05-00, Pole & maggot

3rd Matt Woodford, Peg 5, 09-03-05


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