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Woodside pool is the most prolific of the waters on site regularly producing massive match and pleasure weights in excess of 100lbs during the summer months. Carp are the dominant species averaging anywhere between 2lb-4lbs with individuals reaching well into double figures. Tench have also been caught to 10lbs, roach to over 1lb, rudd to over 1lb, perch to over 4lbs and bream to 4lbs.

Woodside pool

Woodside pool is the most mature of the four pools on site. The pool was constructed back in 1997, and has been available to fish since 1999. The pool is stocked heavily with all major species of coarse fish but mainly carp, with individuals up to 20lbs. Depths vary from 1.5ft to 10ft, with the average depth being between 3-4ft.


Woodside pool caters for both the amateur and experienced angler alike and fishes all year round. Good weights can be achieved on a variety of popular methods and baits making large match and pleasure weights a realistic possibility for any angler of any pedigree. The current match weight record stands at 208-10-00, caught on 6th August 2023 by Darren Davis from Tight Lines AC.

Woodside pool is stunning all year through

Tried and tested methods include waggler or pole fished corn and pellets (which are available to buy on site) tight in the margins or 3-5 metres out depending on the time of year. During the summer months, fish can be caught up in the water on either the pole of pellet waggler.


The key is to keep the bait going in! Larger carp can be caught using a light feeder or straight bomb fished close to the island. However, most of the larger carp are caught down the edge on dead maggot, corn or paste fished over fishery micro pellet or groundbait.


To see how Woodside Pool is fishing at the moment, please be sure to check the match results page, which is updated every week.

Pleasure catches often exceed 100lbs

Please note that Woodside pool is very popular among match fishermen with contests taking place most weekends. The water is also commonly used for magazine features so please be sure to check the availability of the pool before hand.


Remember, we offer on-site accommodation at Woodside, so why not book an extended stay with us and take advantage of the pools availability during the week?


If you have any questions regarding Woodside pool, then please do not hesitate to contact us. You can also contact us by telephone, or via our Facebook page.

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