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Chuckery AC, Woodside Pool

Thirteen anglers from Chuckery AC attended this latest club match on Wooodside pool. Conditions on the day were not as bad as forecast with plenty of cloud cover early on in the day making way for spells of bright sunshine in the afternoon.

Winner on the day was Arnie Woolhouse. Arnie left it late before finding the fish with most of his catch coming in the final ninety minutes. Fishing casters down his edge, Arnie found mainly carp to end proceedings with 77-03-00 to confirm a comfortable win.

Finishing in second place was Wilf Pearce. Fishing short for the duration of the match, Wilf offered banded 8mm pellet on the hook over 6mm feed pellet at top two plus two to find small carp in numbers. Wilf caught steadily for most of the match to offer 54-04-00 to the scales.

Simon Bates secured third place weighing in 33-01-00. Simon caught most of his fish long on soft pellet fished at 13m.

Colin Price finished close behind in fourth place with 30-15-00. Colin caught on 6mm pellet over feed pellet to catch carp and silvers.

1st Arnie Woolhouse, 77-03-00, casters in the margins

2nd Wilf Pearce, 54-04-00, pole & pellet short

3rd Simon Bates, 33-01-00, pole & pellet


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