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Parkes Hall AC, Woodside Pool

Conditions for this Sunday club match on Woodside pool were relatively unchanged with a very cold night followed by a very bright and sunny day. Unfortunately, this made for difficult conditions for the twelve anglers from Parkes Hall AC.

Winner on the day was Paul Warwood, who drew peg 11. Fishing pole and pellet for the full five hours, Paul found mainly carp with odd silverfish to offer 54-15-00 to the scales and confirm a narrow victory.

Finishing close behind in second place was Aiden Watkins from peg 3. Fishing pellet short at top two plus two, Aiden found small carp in numbers and enjoyed a busy days fishing to weigh in 51-04-00.

Craig Jeavons finished in third place from peg 10 on the point of the island. Fishing a feeder with 8mm pellet on the hook over to the island, Craig found odd fishing patrolling the far margins to weigh in 40lbs exactly.

Finishing in fourth place was Jamie Trevis, who drew corner peg 6. Opting to fish pellet at 8m, Jamie made the most of a difficult draw given the conditions to finish with 35-07-00.

1st Paul Warwood, (peg 11), 54-15-00, Pole & pellet

2nd Aiden Watkins (peg 3), 51-04-00, Pole & pellet short

3rd Craig Jeavons, (peg 10), 40-00-00, Feeder


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