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Rod & Gun, Woodside Pool

Cold but bright conditions greeted the fourteen anglers that turned out from Rod & Gun AC for this latest Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Anglers used their own pegs.

Taking first place on the day was Barry Coombs. Starting his match fishing bread punch on the tip, Barry switched to his margins late on in the match and offered corn to find a few bonus edge fish to boost his final weight to 55-14-00.

Paul Biggs managed another main frame finish, just like he did a week or so ago, weighing in 52-09-00. Paul caught all his fish on bread fished on the bomb.

Third place on the day was shared between Duncan Biddle and Dave Biggs, each finishing the day with 21-09-00. Dave's catch was made entirely of silver fish.

1st Barry Coombs, 55-14-00, Bread & bomb and margins

2nd Paul Biggs, 52-09-00, Bread & bomb

=3rd Paul Stephenson, 21-09-00

=3rd Dave Biggs, 21-09-00


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