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Chuckery AC, Island Pool

Seventeen anglers attended this Sunday match on Island pool.

Finishing in 1st place was Paul Mason with 41-14-00. Fishing pellet and punched meat down his edge, Paul found small carp in numbers to confirm a narrow victory.

Steve Dugmore finished in second place weighing in 38-02-00. Steve, again, found mainly small carp to corn and maggot fished short at 8m.

Mark Newey confirmed a third place finish offering 21-13-00 of carp to the scales, all caught on pole and pellet fished long to the island.

1st Paul Mason, 41-14-00, Pellet & punched meat in the margins

2nd Steve Dugmore, 38-02-00, Pole & corn / maggot

3rd Mark Newey, 21-13-00, Pole & pellet


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