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Carrs AC, Island Pool

Ten anglers from Carrs AC lined the banks of the Island pool for this latest Saturday club match. Conditions on the day were ideal with plenty of cloud cover, a decent ripple and mild temperatures. The resident carp responded accordingly with the weights recorded being some of the best we've seen from Island pool for a little while.

Winner on the day was Alan Prosser, who drew peg 8 on the dam wall. Not normally an area associated with big weights, Alan fished worm over pellet down his edge to find carp in numbers for a final 113-08-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Gerry Rush from fancied peg 26. Gerry also chose to fish worm on the hook, but opted to fish short over pellet at 4m to find some quality fish to end the day with 103-02-00.

Graham Nelson concluded a very tight top three offering 90-08-0 from peg 23. Again, worm down the edge doing the damage!

Fourth place on the day was Mark Hone with 69-02-00 of mainly carp. Mark started his match on the method feeder before looking down his edge for the final ninety minutes with worm over dead reds.

1st Alan Prosser, Peg 8, 113-08-00, Worm in the margins

2nd Gerry Rush, Peg 26, 103-02-00, Pole & worm

3rd Graham Nelson, Peg 23, 90-08-00, Worm in the margins


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