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Sedgley Working Man's Club, Island Pool

Eleven (11) anglers from Sedgley Working Man's Club attended this latest contest on the Island pool. Island pool has been enjoying a good run of form of late, but weights for this latest match were a little lower than expected. That said, weights were still close with little separating the top three anglers on the day.

Topping the field was Craig Cookson, who drew peg 14 beneath the oak trees. Fishing 6mm banded pellet up in the water, Craig targeting cruising fish to weigh in 59-12-00.

Richard Daniels finished in second place from peg 22. Again, fishing 6mm banded pellet and maggot up in the water, Richard also targeting cruising fish to offer 44-08-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours to tie with Mick Barker.

Mick opted for an unusual approach and fished pinkies down his edge for most of the match from peg 27 to equal Richard's 44-08-00.

1st Craig Cookson, Peg 14, 71-12-00, Pole & pellet shallow

=2nd Richard Daniels, Peg 22, 44-08-00, Pole & pellet shallow / maggot shallow

=2nd Mick Barker, Peg 17, 44-08-00, Pinkies in the margins

3rd Paul Willis, Peg 8, 37-08-00, White corn in the margins


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