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New Willenhall AC, Island Pool

Fourteen (14) anglers from new Willenhall AC attended this Sunday contest on the Island pool. With temperatures being in the low to mid twenties, and with next to no ripple, weights were expected to be low. However, that said, weights were excellent with nearly 90lbs needed to frame.

Winner on the day was Graham Bloomfield, who drew peg 16. Opting to alternate between bread and pellet hookbaits fished to depth at 6-8m, Graham found some quality fish to 13lbs to end the day with a match-winning 101-00-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Steve Bleddington from peg 10. Offering bread long over to the island, Steve found fish in numbers patrolling the far shelf to weigh in 99-10-00 at the end of the five hours.

Rounding off an extremely competitive top three finish was Brian Biddle from peg 20. Again, offering bread short at top two plus five, Brian found carp willing to oblige to weigh in 89-08-00.

1st Graham Bloomfield, Peg 16, 101-00-00, Pole & pellet / bread

2nd Steve Bleddington, Peg 10, 99-10-00, Pole & bread

3rd Brian Biddle, Peg 20, 89-08-00, Pole & bread


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