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Portway AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout saw just nine (9) anglers attend this Saturday club match on Woodside pool. With the continued hot weather we've been experiencing, the resident carp have switched into spawning mode. As such, weights on the day were low with fish not really interested in angler's baits.

Taking top spot was Nigel Banks, who drew peg 12. Opting to fish corn and maggot down his margins, Nigel managed to find odd carp to weigh in 39-00-00.

Ben Hanson finished in second place from peg 4 close to the opposite point of the island. Fishing banded 6mm pellet at 11m, Ben ended the match with 33-00-00.

Third place on the day was taken by Jason Bedder from peg 8. Jason alternated between corn, caster and maggot hookbaits fish over to the island to offer 27-00-00 to the scales.

What a difference a week makes!

1st Nigel Banks, Peg 12, 39-00-00, Corn / maggot in the margins

2nd Ben Hanson, Peg 4, 33-00-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Jason Bedder, Peg 8, 27-00-00, Pole & corn / caster / maggot


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