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Brandhall Conservatives, Woodside Pool

Eleven (11) anglers from Brandhall Conservative Club attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool. As per the previous day, carp were still in spawning mode making fishing on the day difficult. That said, weights were slightly improved.

Winner on the day was Nigel Derby, who drew peg 19. Opting to fish shallow for most of the match, Nigel was able to tempt cruising fish to offer a final 56-00-00 to the scales to secure a comfortable win.

Runner-up spot went to Craig Derby from peg 3. Fishing long over to the island with banded 4mm pellet up in the water, Craig weighed in 37-06-00.

Paul Newey finished in third place from peg 8. Fishing with meat down his edge whilst feeding red maggot over the top, Paul found odd carp to weigh in 32-06-00 at the end of the five hours.

1st Nigel Derby, Peg 19, 56-00-00, Pole & pellet shallow

2nd Craig Derby, Peg 3, 37-06-00, Pole & pellet shallow

3rd Paul Newey, Peg 8, 32-06-00, Meat in the margins


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