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Halesowen Cricket Club, Woodside Pool

Fourteen (14) anglers from Halesowen Cricket Club bravely pegged themselves on Woodside pool for this latest Saturday club match - one of only a few now remaining before the end of the year. Conditions on the day were extremely cold with a frost the night before. Weights, unsurprisingly, were adversely affected, but still a relatively close match.

Winner on the day was Dean Granger, who drew peg 3. Opting to fish bread over to the island on the long pole, Dean found carp up to 10lb to weigh in 27-07-00 for a narrow victory.

Runner up spot was taken by Eddie Rhodes from peg 9. Offering maggot over to the island, Eddie found mainly small carp to offer 25-08-00 to the scales.

Keith Pitts finished in third place from neighbouring peg 10 confirming a weight of 20-04-00. Keith caught on worm and caster fishing long over to the island and short at 5m.

1st Dean Granger, Peg 3, 27-07-00, Bread

2nd Eddie Rhodes, Peg 9, 25-08-00, Pole & maggot

3rd Keith Pitts, Peg 10, 20-04-00, Worm & caster


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