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Metal Closures AC, Woodside Pool

Nine (9) anglers from Metal Closures AC attended this bitterly cold Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Fishing was expected to be difficult after an overnight frost with temperatures well into single figures come the draw.

Winner on the day was Vaughn Graham, who drew peg 8. Fishing a pellet feeder to the island, Vaughn managed to find odd carp before coming short on the pole offering maggot at 6m. Vaughn weighed in 21-13-00.

Second place on the day was taken by Frank Whitehouse, who drew peg 3. Opting to fish most of the match short alternating between corn and pellet on the hook, Frank managed 13-14-00.

Bob Bennett finished in third place from peg 5 weighing in 12-08-00 of silvers caught on red maggot fished on the long pole.

1st Vaughn Graham, Peg 8, 21-13-00, Pellet feeder / Pole & maggot short

2nd Frank Whitehouse, Peg 3, 13-14-00, Pole & corn / pellet

3rd Bob Bennett, Peg 5, 12-08-00, Pole & maggot


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