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BJAC, Woodside Pool

Ten (10) anglers from newcomers BJAC attended thier first outting here at Woodside on the Woodside pool. The day before the match had seen a lot of rainfall, which seemed to have an adverse effect on weights.

Winner on the day was Neil McMillan, who drew peg 10. Starting his match fishing shallow with pellet, Neil was able to put a decent run of fish together early on before looking down his edge late on to find some bonus fish to paste over fishery micro pellet. Neil weighed in 44-11-00 to take a narrow victory on what proved to be a difficult day.

Second place went to Barry Jones, who drew peg 3 on the opposite point of the island. Barry caught most of his fish from down his edge on both corn and pellet to offer 43-14-00 to the scales.

Third place was taken by Dave Weavers, who drew peg 18. Again, corn down his edge accounted for most his fish confirming a weight of 40-09-00 upon the scales making their way around.

1st N. McMillan, Peg 10, 44-11-00, Pellet shallow & paste in the margins

2nd B. Jones, Peg 3, 43-14-00, Corn & pellet in the margins

3rd D. Weavers, Peg 18, 40-09-00, Corn in the margins


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