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CARRS AC, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers from CARRS AC attended this latest club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day saw a continuation of the fine weather with plenty of sunshine and temperatures nudging 20 degrees. The fish had been spawning throughout the week, but had recently stopped a day or two before the match.

Winner on the day was Alan Taylor, who drew peg 1. Fishing maggot down his edge, Alan found mainly carp to weigh in a winning 68-01-00.

Taking runner-up spot on the day was Gerry Rush from peg 5. Starting his match fishing pellet over to the island, Gerry found small carp in numbers before a switch to his edge late on produced some larger fish for a final 52-12-00.

Third place went to Graham Nelson, who drew peg 3. Offering both corn and maggot down his edge, Graham found some quality fish to weigh in 50-03-00.

Finally, rounding off what was a close match all round was Jeff Rush on peg 7. Offering corn down his edge, Jeff caught quality carp to weigh in 49-03-00.

1st Alan Taylor, Peg 1, 68-01-00, Maggot in the margins

2nd Gerry Rush, Peg 5, 52-12-00, Pole & pellet / Pellet in the margins

3rd Graham Nelson, Peg 3, 50-03-00, Maggot & corn in the margins


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