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CARRS AC, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from CARRS AC attended their annual memorial match here at Woodside. Conditions on the day were extremely warm again with plenty of fish cruising in the upper layers showing little interest in anglers baits.

Topping another very close field on the day was Jeff Rush from peg 1. Jeff struggled until the second half of the match until he eventually found fish down his edge to paste and worm. Jeff ended the day with carp up to 9lb to weigh in 56-06-00.

Second place was taken by Ray Ravenhall from peg 9. Like many, Ray struggled to find the carp during the early stages of the match so decided to target the silvers with caster before switching to pellet and worm down his edge for the final two hours of the match. Ray found carp to 5lb which, combined with his 25lb+ bag of roach and rudd, saw him offer a hard earned 49-08-00 to the scales.

Rounding off a close top three was A. Taylor from peg 19. Fishing dead maggot and method feeder down his edge he ended the day with 45-08-00.

1st Jeff Rush, Peg 1, 56-06-00, Worm & paste down his edge

2nd Ray Ravenhall, Peg 9, 49-08-00, Caster shallow / Pellet & worm down the edge

3rd A. Taylor, Peg 19, 45-08-00, Method feeder


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