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Cookley Eagles AC, Island Pool

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

A decent turnout saw sixteen (16) anglers attend this latest club match for Cookley Eagles AC on the Island pool, plus one bank on Woodside pool. Like on Saturday, conditions started off pretty cold with a heavy due. However, as the match progressed, bright sunshine made for a pleasant afternoon but, again, the fishing proved difficult for some.

Finishing in first place was Simon West from peg 6 by the pads on Woodside pool. Starting his match short, Simon caught a few early fish on corn short before the carp backed off. Later, Simon switched to his edge with maggot over groundbait to find some bonus fish to weigh in a final 72-03-00 and win the match by a healthy margin.

Second place was taken by Mark Henderson from peg 15 on Island pool. Starting his match on the method feeder, Mark was into fish early on before a change was needed. Later, Mark caught down his edge on corn to offer 48-01-00 to the scales.

Third place on the day was John Baker, who drew peg 2 on the Island pool. Again, feeder and corn down the edge did the damage with John recording 45-00-00.

1st S. West, Peg 6 (W), 72-03-00, Corn short & maggot over groundbait in the margins

2nd M. Henderson, Peg 15 (I), 48-01-00, Method feeder & corn in the margins

3rd J. Baker, Peg 2 (I), 45-00-00, Feeder & corn in the margins


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