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Cookley Eagles AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Thirteen (13) anglers were pegged across both main match lakes for this Sunday club match.

Winner on the day was Jon Baker, who drew peg 15 on Island pool. Offering pellet up in the water and then later down his edge, Jon found carp in numbers to catch steadily throughout the day to weigh in 102-00-00 and confirm a comfortable victory.

Second place on the day went to Simon West, who drew peg 4 on the Island pool. Simon caught most of fish down the edges on a variety of hook baits including pellet, corn, maggot and worm to offer 78-04-00 to the scales.

Rounding off the top three finish on the day was club secretary, Alan Humphreys. Alan drew peg 2 on Island pool and caught on corn down his edge to weigh in 54-08-00.

1st J. Baker, Peg 15 (I), 102-00-00, Pellet shallow & in the margins

2nd S. West, Peg 4 (I), 78-04-00, Pellet, corn, maggot & worm in the margins

3rd A. Humphreys, Peg 2 (I), 54-08-00, Corn in the margins


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