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Cradley Heath Labour, Island Pool

Twenty two (22) anglers from Cradley Heath Labout attend this latest Sunday club match at Woodside with eleven (11) anglers place on each of the main match lakes.

Winner on the Island pool was Kevin Clark, who drew peg 18. Opting to fish worm over to the point of the island then, later, down his edge, Kevin found all carp to weigh in a winning 61-12-00.

Taking second place from peg 4 on the dam wall was Gary Mason. Gary opted to fish maggot over groundbait down his edges to offer 45-00-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

Third place on Island pool was taken by Pete Sanford from peg 1. Pete started his match fishing worm short on the pole before coming down his inside late on with casters to find carp, quality roach and skimmer bream for a final 36-00-00.

1st Kevin Clark, Peg 18, 61-12-00, Worm in the margins

2nd Gary Mason, Peg 4, 45-00-00, Maggot in the margins

3rd Pete Sanford, Peg 1, 36-00-00, Pole & worm / Casters in the margins


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