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Cradley Heath Labour, Woodside Pool

Twenty two (22) anglers from Cradley Heath Labour attended this latest Sunday club match at Woodside with eleven (11) anglers pegged across both Woodside and Island pools.

Taking first place honours on Woodside pool was Steve Sadler from peg 12. Opting to fish worm and pellet on the pole down his edges, Steve confirmed a winning weight of 76-14-00 to record a narrow victory.

Finishing very close behind in second place from peg 7 was Mark Farley. Mark opted to fish corn over fishery feed pellet over to the pads to find small carp in numbers to offer 74-12-00 to the scales.

Third place on the day was taken by Brian Smith, who drew peg 3. Again, like Steve, Brian opted to fish worm down his margins to weigh in 52-08-00 of carp.

1st Steve Sadler, Peg 12, 76-14-00, Worm & pellet in the margins

2nd Mark Farley, Peg 7, 74-12-00, Pole & corn

3rd Brian Smith, Peg 3, 52-08-00, Worm in the margins


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