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Cradley Sport & Leisure, Woodside Pool

Eleven (11) anglers from Cradley Sport & Leisure fished this Sunday club match held on Woodside pool. After their two-day festival, some anglers held back and fished a stand-alone match to finish off a superb weekend.

Winner on the day, and continuing his weekend run of form was Chris Standing. Chris drew peg 5 and started his match fishing worm and caster both shallow and on the deck to take 23lb of roach before switching to his edge with dead maggot over groundbait. Chris ended the day with 53-00-00.

Finishing in second place was Dave 'Rockstar' Rock from peg 21. Fishing worm over groundbait down his edge, Dave found small carp in numbers to weigh in 43-00-00.

Bryan Burley finished in third place from peg 19. Fishing most of his match on the long pole with pellet, Bryan found odd fish before coming down his inside during the final throws of the match with worm over groundbait to weigh in 36-08-00.

1st C. Standing, Peg 5, 53-00-00, Worm & caster / dead maggot down his edge

2nd D. Rock, Peg 21, 43-00-00, Worm over groundbait down his edge

3rd B. Burley, Peg 19, 36-08-00, Long pole & pellet / worm over groundbait down his edge


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