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House Pool Undergoes Major Works

We are excited to confirm that work on the House pool as started.

The water has been a work in progress for what seems like forever after it was first completed back in January 2004. However, due to an unforeseen weed problem, the pool was drained and made deeper in 2011, only to then suffer with a minor leak, which has prevented the water from being re-opened. However, after a long wait, work has now started again for a third time on what promises to see the House pool finally finished and realise its full potential.

The House pool will make a return as a third match water and will take on a canal / snake lake setup with just the one bank being pegged. We are making plans to accommodate around 15-18 anglers once the water re-opens and fully intend to make the water a dedicated silvers pool with a healthy stock of roach, bream, ide and tench.

As we're sure you'll appreciate, this is no small undertaking so don't expect the House pool to be open any time soon. However, we hope you join us in thinking the wait will be worth it


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