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Metal Closures AC, Woodside Pool

Nine (9) anglers from Metal Closures lined the banks of Woodside pool for this latest Sunday club match. Woodside pool has been performing a little below par for the last few weeks but this latest contest saw a return to form.

Winner on the day was Carl Hunter from peg 9. Opting to fish banded 8mm pellet short and down his edge, Carl found quality fish to 10lbs to weigh in a winning 114-12-00.

Taking second place on the day was Graham Poulton from peg 11. Starting his match on banded pellet, Graham found decent-sized carp before a change to paste down his edge late on produced some better stamp fish to 10lb to boost his overall weight to 75-00-00.

Finishing close behind in third place was Kim Hunter from peg 15. Fishing corn down his edge, Kim found carp to 12lbs to weigh in 70-07-00.

1st C. Hunter, Peg 9, 114-12-00, Pellet short & down his edge

2nd G. Poulton, Peg 11, 75-00-00, Pole & pellet short / paste down his edge

3rd K. Hunter, Peg 15, 70-07-00, Corn in the margins


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