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Model AC, Woodside Pool & Island Pool

Thirteen (13) anglers from Model AC attended this Sunday club match held across both the main match lakes. Conditions on the day started off pretty cold but, by mid afternoon, things had warmed up nicely, which helped to bring the resident carp on the feed.

Although weights weren't as high as in recent weeks, there was little to separate the top three anglers on the day.

Topping the field on the day from peg 5 on the Island pool was Scott Moore. Scott opted to fish worm short and down his edge to find some quality fish to weigh in 63-15-00.

Finishing in second place was Darren Male from neighbouring peg 4 on Island pool. Scott and Darren went fish-for-fish with each other for most of the match, but Darren just missed out finishing proceedings with 61-00-00 of mainly carp caught from down his edge on hard 4mm pellet.

Third place was taken by Dave Dearn from peg 7 on Woodside pool. Fishing hard 6mm pellet over to the pads, Dave found carp in numbers to offer a respectable 55-15-00 to the scales from a notoriously difficult area.

1st Scott Moore, Peg 5 (I), 63-15-00, Pole & worm / Worm in the margins

2nd Darren Male, Peg 4 (I), 61-00-00, Pellet in the margins

3rd Dave Dearn, Peg 10 (W), 55-15-00, Pole & pellet


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