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NHS Appreciation Fund Raiser

The dreadful effects of the COVID-19 virus have had a significant impact on all of our lives over the last month or so.

During these unprecedented times, our National Health Service and all key workers within have been tirelessly fighting the disease to keep you and your families safe whilst selflessly putting themselves at risk everyday on the front lines. Without them, it doesn't bear thinking about where we might be right now...

To say thank you for everything the NHS has done to date, and continues to do in the face of Coronavirus, here at Woodside Fishery we will be hosting a NHS Appreciation match to help raise money for a fantastic cause and, above all else, to salute the brave and courageous DRs, nurses, carers and all other professional health care workers that make up one of the best national health care services in the world.

The event, which is being generously sponsored by Ramsden Drums, is now fully subscribed but given the overwhelming response, we are taking reserves. If you would like to book on, please contact either Leigh Harbutt or Bryan Burley.

To donate, visit the Official event's Just Giving page at


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