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Open Match, Woodside Pool

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

Seven (7) anglers attended this Saturday open match held on Woodside pool.

Winner on the day was Steve Walsh from peg 21. Fishing corn and pellet down both his edges, Steve found carp in the margins early on and managed to catch steadily throughout the day to end the match with 103-10-00 of carp to 9lbs.

Finishing in second place was Stan Taylor from peg 19. Fishing expander pellet short on the pole at top three, Stan found mainly carp to weigh in 40-01-00.

Rounding off the top three finish on the day was Vinnie Varden from peg 17. Vinnie weighed in 39-05-00.

1st S. Walsh, Peg 21, 103-10-00, Pellet & corn in the margins

2nd S. Taylor, Peg 19, 40-01-00, Pole & pellet short

3rd V. Varden, Peg 17, 39-05-00


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